Schedule a Private Tour

We invite you to schedule a tour of our wonderful facilities and interact with our dedicated clinical team. We’ll share helpful information about our unique Center-Based Model services as you explore the center itself. Throughout the tour, our team will gather the necessary documents needed to request an authorization for assessment from your insurance. Please note that we cannot move forward in the process without these pieces of information. Please bring the required documents (insurance card, a referral from your child’s doctor, and a full diagnostic report) with you during your visit as they are used to determine the amount of hours your child might need for ABA therapy, the specific goals to teach, and whether our center would be the right fit for your child’s needs.

Take a Virtual Tour

Fusion Autism Center is an expansion of Florida Autism Center, where this virtual tour takes place. All of our locations are built on the same principles and we are experts in providing individualized solutions and are dedicated to transitioning children out of specialized services into traditional schools and social environment.

What is autism and how does ABA therapy work?