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We know that caregivers are often anxious to know how soon their child can start receiving services. We have outlined our admission process below to give you an idea of what to expect when enrolling.

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  • Step One: Inquiry

We have enrollment forms available to gather important information about your child, their insurance information, and diagnosis. Please fill it out and a team member from FAC will contact you to begin your insurance verification process and answer any additional questions you might have before scheduling your private tour. Insurance verification typically only takes 24 hours.

  • Step Two: Private Tour

You will come to the center to take a tour of the facility and meet our clinical team. This is an opportunity to learn about our services and see the center itself. Our team will gather the necessary documents to request an authorization for assessment from your insurance. We cannot move forward in the process without these vital updated documents. The documents needed include your insurance card, a referral from your child’s doctor, and a full diagnostic report. The assessment is what is used to determine the amount of hours your child might need for ABA therapy, the specific goals to teach, and whether our center would be the right fit for your child’s needs. Depending on your insurance, it can take 1-2 weeks to receive the authorization.

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  • Step Three: Initial Assessment

Once we receive the authorization from your insurance company, we schedule it at the center. During the assessment, time is divided between interview with the parents and hands on skill analysis with your child. After the assessment, the BCBA will take about 10 days to write up the complete report. The report is then submitted to your insurance for an ongoing authorization to provide ABA therapy to your child. Depending on your insurance, it typically takes 8-12 days to receive the ongoing authorization.

  • Step Four: Starting Services

Once the authorization is received, the center will reach out to you to schedule a start date for your child.

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  • Step Five: Enroll Today

We have FAC team members who are able to assist you with all aspects of enrollment, answer any questions, and lead you through the process. Please fill out our short enrollment form and we will be in touch to begin this journey with your family!

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