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Children’s Books for Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated since 1988 and is observed from September 15 through October 15.

National Hispanic Heritage Month has been celebrated since 1988 and is observed from September 15 through October 15. As the month comes to a close, we want to honor this month further by sharing our favorite children’s books about Latinx and Hispanic heritage. These children’s books will help you and your family learn more and continue the Hispanic heritage celebration!

To commemorate this important time, we have been sharing, through social media, powerful quotes from significant figures in the Hispanic and Latinx communities. We have also put together this list of our favorite Latinx and Hispanic heritage children’s books. Now is the perfect time to learn more and to teach your children about culture and ancestry.


Our Favorite Hispanic & Latinx Heritage Children’s Books

My Papi Has a Motorcycle

My Papi Has a Motorcycle is part whirlwind trip around the neighborhood and part sweet father-daughter adventure. Daisy Ramona holds on tight to her Papi as they zoom around the neighborhood and see her favorite familiar faces and places.

Some changes happening around the neighborhood make her feel uneasy, but she is settled in knowing that she will always feel loved in her community.

Listen to this sweet, touching story here.



Imagine is a beautifully illustrated poem that will warm your heart. Written by United States Poet Laureate, Juan Felipe Herrera, who read his poems aloud on the steps of the Library of Congress, the poem is about a young Juan’s journey to those library steps.

The coming-of-age poem travels from Herrera’s childhood – picking flowers and taking naps in the sun – all the way to his bold moves that earned him the prize.

Listen to this powerful story here.

Mango, Abuela, and Me

Mango, Abuela, and Me is a story about Mia, a little girl whose abuela has just moved in with her and her parents.

Mia loves her abuela, and while trying to share her favorite things, notices that they don’t always understand each other. With the help of their silly parrot, Mango, Mia teaches abuela English while abuela teaches Mia Spanish.

Listen to this endearing story here.


Alma and How She Got Her Name

Alma and How She Got Her Name is the story about how Alma earned her name. Alma’s full name is Alma Sofia Esperanza Jose Pura Candela, and when she complains to her dad that it is way too long, he teaches her all about her ancestors.

She learns about who they were and what they loved and learns that she is adventurous and creative – just like they were.

Listen to this fun story, here.


Abuela is an imaginative story about little Rosalba who daydreams about adventures that her and her abuela have across the city.

She dreams that her and her abuela fly over her favorite parts of the city and all the way up to the clouds.

Listen to this adventurous story here.

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We hope that you enjoyed our favorite children’s books about Hispanic and Latinx heritage! If you want to listen to more stories in celebration, check out this playlist here.