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8 Best Social Stories for Dealing with Icky Feelings and Frustration

Take a look at the below list for some of our favorite social stories for dealing with a wide range of icky emotions and how to interpret them for a child on the autism spectrum.

There are many guides that parents can use to help guide their kiddo on how to properly express emotions like frustration and anger. These are just a few of our favorites to help children process these types of situations and emotions.

Social Stories for Frustration and Anger

When I’m Frustrated is a social story that focuses on feelings of frustration and calming strategies mechanisms for when frustration occurs. It is a great way to discuss feelings and appropriate ways to express them.
Tantrums Don’t Help Me Fix a Problem is a social story that helps children understand why tantrums are not productive. It also provides positive ways to help kids deal with their emotions, such as using their words instead of throwing objects.
Sometimes I Can’t Do the Things I Want is a social story that helps children understand that sometimes they will have to do whatever it is they want to do at a later time versus right when they want to do it.
Sometimes I Feel Upset is a social story teaching kids that while being upset is a normal feeling to have, strategies like asking for help can help them cope with this emotion.

Social Stories for Other Behaviors

Blurting Out is a social story to help students learn to listen to others while they are speaking. This story can help ease anxiety and stress during playtime and instructional time.
Sometimes I Make Mistakes is a social story that can teach children that everyone makes mistakes and that using strategies like breathing exercises can help when mistakes are made.

Want more social stories to help with these kinds of emotions? Teachers Pay Teachers have some great ones here.