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5 Social Stories for the Holidays

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy

Help your child navigate through visits with Santa, relatives, receiving gifts, and so much more that comes with this time of year!

The holiday season and its social stories often change everything for your child and family. Your schedules, what you eat, where you go, what you wear, who you spend time with, and all this in addition to the frequent holiday activities that may seem confusing to a child on the autism spectrum. We have included 5 useable, printable stories that you can use to teach your autistic child about the various social experiences and how to handle them— And they’re FUN! Take a look at our social autism tips for the holiday season.

These social stories may help prepare them for the transition into the season and all the adjustments that come with it!

Going to Visit Santa

This activity is part of a series of activities about Christmas. It explains the various social interactions and events that are associated with going to visit Santa Clause. It includes waiting in line, taking a picture, sitting in his lap or standing as well as asking Santa what they would want for Christmas. There are also some other games in there too!

What to Expect at Christmas

Teach your child about the Christmas holiday. On top of some fun activities, this exercise teaches when Christmas is on the calendar as well as other fun social events like:

  • Hanging up wreaths, stockings, lights and tree decorations
  • Christmas Eve dinner
  • Going to the church
  • Leaving cookies for Santa
  • Opening Presents

Visiting Family at Christmas

Many people visit their families at Christmas and it can be overwhelming for a child with autism. With so many people to meet and interact with, it can be very stressful. One way to combat that stress is by teaching them about families and the traveling process. This lesson will go over the various elements of the family as well as telling your autistic child the story of your travel plan. It goes over the various ways to greet family members and generally how to visit with them including adding the various ways YOUR family bonds during these times.

Getting Dressed for Winter

Getting your child dressed can be stressful for both parties, but added layers can also add to that stress. This lesson tells the story of getting dressed with the positive reinforcement of playing outside. There’s also more lessons on the download link.

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